Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunday Sketch Post

Sunday was kind of a transition day for me. We've been on vacation for a week in Savannah, and it was great. Lots of art and architecture to look at, and VERY inspiring. I don't know what it is about that town that gets my creative juices flowing, but it does. Also, how funny is it, that the day we get back from Savannah, our model is Savannah? Weird.
Anyway, I bought some new art supplies while I was there (two of the best art supply stores in the Southeast are in Savannah), and I wanted to try them out. For these two drawings I was working with colored ink brushes from Japan, and some graphite blocks - also experimenting with some new approaches to my figure drawings (POV, mark-making, etc.). There was definitely some rust from being away for a week. Regardless of that, I told myself a long time ago that I was going to try to post everything here - warts and all. So here's a couple of the less "strained" ones. I was actually happy with the gestures too, so I may post those later. Comments welcome.


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