Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moleskine - don't leave home without it

Shopping in Steinmart with the missus, the "man chair" can be a lonely place. So make sure to bring along your Moleskine. Hope everyone is having a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!


Thursday, May 27, 2010


The Starbucks was empty yesterday evening, so we ended up drawing each other. Dat did a drawing of Henry and I sketched Dat. I was finally able to use my portable Aquash watercolor set from Pentel. Look for a review of this nifty piece of kit in the near future.
Today it's cartoons, and later, putting on my designers cap for a new home plan design.
Stay tooned.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First syndicate cartoon of the week

I got a kick out of Obama's heated command in regards to the oil leak in the Gulf. After yesterday's findings about The Minerals Management Services Department, I couldn't help but think he might be saying the same thing about them.

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Dr. Sketchy sketchy sketches

Here's another page from last week's event. Not sure how I missed this one. These were the quick 5 minute sketches, and I decided to put them all on the same page.
Anyway, enjoy. I've got one more longer pose to post later.
Stay tooned.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Dr. Sketchy Sketch

Here's another one from this past Wednesday's session. Thanks once again to Chris and the gang for making this one so enjoyable. Happy weekend everyone!


Dr. Sketchy gestures

The pace at these events is pretty quick. They start with 1 minute gestures, then a few 2 minute gestures, and then a five minute gesture, before you get to settle down into a longer 20 minute drawing. I happen to
like the fast pace at the beginning. It gets me really warmed up and not thinking too much - just drawing.
Here are my gestures from Wed. night. I'll try to put them in order of 1 minute to two minute. I've got a few more finished drawings to post later today. This was a really great event, and I hope that they keep it non-smoking in the future. Cheers, Ed

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dr. Sketchy Moleskine Teaser

Here's the first of my Moleskine sketches from last night's Dr. Sketchy blast. I really enjoyed the smoke-free environment and the hard work of the organizers. Oh, and the model wasn't too bad either! I'll post these as I get them scanned, but in the meantime, let me hear from you!



Monday, May 17, 2010

A few more Moleskine sketches

Here are a couple more various Moleskine sketches from hangin' out at local coffee shops and bookstores. I'm really looking forward to Dr. Sketchy's on Wednesday - one of my favorite models will be dressing up and stylin' in Jacksonville's most recent incarnation of a theme figure drawing session. OK, now it's time to do some cartooning!
Happy Week,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Figure Sketch

I managed to get these scanned early today, so here they are. I'll post a couple of the gestures along with the longer 20 minute poses. Jake was the model again this week - all in all a pretty good day of drawing. We've got Dr. Sketchy's this Wednesday, and they are promising a smoke-free environment, so I'm totally stoked.

I've got a couple of drawings from Starbucks and B&N that I'll post later. Let me hear from you!



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local beach toon

Here's one that I finished up today. I call it "5-bucked to death." They did drop the fee from $10 to $5, but when you're on a tight family budget it does tend to add up quickly. I just hope they don't all go down to my secret spot where it's still free to park at the beach. Shhhh...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First syndicate cartoon of the week

How's that drill-baby-drill thing workin' out for ya?

Monday Night Sketch

I attended another figure-sketch session downtown last night. It was fun. Not too many people, and a great model. I worked mostly in my Moleskine. Here's the results. Now I think it's time to actually do some cartoons. Doh!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Reddi-arts Figure Drawing Workshop (May/June 2010)

I will be teaching a figure drawing workshop at Reddi-arts in Jacksonville on May 22, 29 & June 5. If you live in town and are interested in participating, please feel free to contact Jim Colney at Reddi-arts for the specifics:
or call him at: 398-3161 X319

Figure Drawing Workshop
Featured Instructor:
Ed Hall MFA, University of Florida
Reddi-arts Art Supply Store, 1037 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida

May 22, May 29 & June 5, 2010 - (3) three hour sessions over three weeks (all Saturdays - a morning class and an afternoon class will be held, whichever is preferable to you - contact the store for available time slots, but hurry, classes are limited to 5 students and they will fill).

Class Structure:
Week One:
-Skeletal relationships to the figure, structure & proportion, mass & variation of line

Week Two:
-Space and spacial relationships (negative space, picture plane, composition)
Week Three:
-Value, contrast, shadows, final analysis - rethinking the figure, creative/experimental images
This workshop is primarily an investigation of figure drawing techniques and new ways of seeing. Along those lines we will be using a nude model. For centuries, artistis have utilized the unclothed model to better understand the human body and our physical relationship to the world around us. This requires a close examination of anatomical relationships, structural elements, form and movement - all difficult things to see with a clothed model. This workshop is for experienced artists.
Cost:$225.00 per student - (includes modeling fee, but not materials)
Contact: Jim Colney at Reddi-arts Phone: (904) 396-9167

Materials:Bring materials for a typical figure drawing session. At the minimum have: charcoal (vine and compressed), kneaded & hard erasers, and a new, large pad of Canson Biggie Sketch 18" x 24". You will be using a lot of paper.

Misc. stuff in the Croquis

I found these little Croquis sketchpads at the other day, and I just love them. The Paper is not quite as heavy as the bond in the Moleskines, but they fit very easily into your pocket (unlike the Moleskine). It's great for quick sketches on the fly, and they're cheap. If you haven't been to jetpens, I highly recommend that site. They have stuff from Japan that you can't get in the states, and their variety of pens is amazing.


Sunday Figure Sketch

Here are the results from yesterday's session. Jake was the model. We haven't drawn him in quite a while, so it was nice to work from the male figure again.
I'm still enjoying drawing other people while they are drawing. It's funny how people's personalities can come through in just the way they hold the charcoal, the turn of a cheek, the fall of hair, or the way their ears fold. It keeps it interesting for me. Anyway, as usual, a few gestures, and some longer poses. Vinnie has shortened the gestures to one minute, so these were pretty quick. I've got some more "sittin' around sketchin" stuff to post next, so stay tooned for those.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drop Your Pants

When I discovered this week that the front doors of the Supreme Court building were being permanently shut due to security concerns, I was dismayed by the symbolism of it all. It might seem like a small thing, but when our halls of justice are forced closed, I think we have to ask ourselves if the terrorists have actually won.

Snake Oil

Upon first blush this might not seem like a local East Coast beach issue, but I think it might become one very soon. People need to be aware that once this oil spill is picked up by the Gulf Loop current, it will be pushed through the Florida straights and then up the east coast. At that point it will take about a week to get to Jacksonville, and then a week to get to Hatteras NC.
"Safe" offshore drilling really should be considered an oxymoron.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to Sunday Sketch!

After a full two month hiatus from my weekly figure sessions at FCCJ, I decided to hang out and sketch today. As per my recent dalliances into genre studies, I decided to draw people drawing. The model did sneak into a couple of these (had to - this is one 0f my favorite models to draw). I'll post the gestures first. I'm pretty much using all pen & ink now - I've moved away from charcoal for the time being. I like the unforgiving quality of ink on paper. It steels the nerves and makes you make good marks.
Anyway, I positioned myself to try some unique and different kinds of compositions. It's funny how people who are drawing have absolutely no idea they are being drawn. They are concentrating so intently, that they kind of go into a dream-like state (makes for good models). I also love their reaction when they found out I've been drawing them. They're SO surprised!Hope you like these;

I had fun doing them. Let me hear from you!