Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to Sunday Sketch!

After a full two month hiatus from my weekly figure sessions at FCCJ, I decided to hang out and sketch today. As per my recent dalliances into genre studies, I decided to draw people drawing. The model did sneak into a couple of these (had to - this is one 0f my favorite models to draw). I'll post the gestures first. I'm pretty much using all pen & ink now - I've moved away from charcoal for the time being. I like the unforgiving quality of ink on paper. It steels the nerves and makes you make good marks.
Anyway, I positioned myself to try some unique and different kinds of compositions. It's funny how people who are drawing have absolutely no idea they are being drawn. They are concentrating so intently, that they kind of go into a dream-like state (makes for good models). I also love their reaction when they found out I've been drawing them. They're SO surprised!Hope you like these;

I had fun doing them. Let me hear from you!



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