Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day at the Zoo

The Jacksonville Zoological Gardens welcomed Emmy, Henry & myself last week for a full day of sketching and enjoying the beautiful fall day. I concentrated more on the gestures of the animals, while I think Henry tried to do more finished drawings. I sure wish he'd start a blog. You guys would really like his work. Anyway, I'll post these in no particular order, although I will tell you that we started with the wart hogs and ended with the giraffes. My favorite drawing turned out to be my least favorite animal - go figure. The topper of the day was definitely the Silverback Gorilla. What an amazing animal - HUGE. You have no idea how big he is until there's only 18" of space, and a 2" thick piece of glass between you. He seemed to be posing for us, and he definitely drew a crowd.

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