Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This week's local cartoons

I'm working on a self-imposed commission deadline this week, so I've completed most of my cartoons early. Here are two that will run later in the week. The first deals with the rising birth rate for unwed teens in Baker County. Turns out there is not much being taught in the schools other than abstinence. Heck, even the teens think that sex education in the county is lacking. Here's the story:

The second cartoon is about a funding measure that was originally meant for the widening of a road in St. Johns County. Seems the developers set aside millions to widen the road so that the increased populace brought in by their mega-subdivision would have adequate evacuation lanes in the event of a hurricane. Now there is a push by some locals to use the money for sidewalks instead. This is one of those weird fringe issues that I expect to get some letters on.

I've got another national cartoon to post, and the results from last night's Dr. Sketchy's, so stay tooned!


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