Monday, June 6, 2011

Today's syndicate cartoon - Paul Revere & Palin


val1224 said...

And which "dimwit" would that be? The one who visited all 57 states in the last presidential election? Or the one who asked a crippled man to stand up? And in case you haven't heard, Palin was right. The Boston Herald even has an article about it today. So maybe it makes you the dimwit? Please, enlighten me.

Anonymous said...


Ed Hall is far from dimwitted. His work is brilliant and my interactions with him are an absolute pleasure. His quick wit and talents are a rarity among even the finest of artists.

Bear in mind, he's an impartial satirical commentator whose work pulls the proverbial pants down on both leftists and rightists alike, all while managing to hold steadfast the integrity of tact and good old fashioned fun. That's all.

Besides, it's practically impossible for the common man's heart not to reject those whom strive to obtain such power over the people as much as our dear politicians do. They deserve a good jab every now and again.


Anonymous said...

It's "disabled" not "crippled".


Lee Shin said...

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Lee Shin