Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another syndicate cartoon

I was thinking about how the group of GOP presidential candidates is trashing the ideals that Republicans have always stood for. My Dad liked to call himself a Goldwater Republican, and there's probably a little bit of that in me. I doubt most people today would even know who Barry Goldwater was, much less his convictions. Sad. It was also really weird seeing them debate each other at the Ronald Reagan library. I love how they hold Reagan up as an ideal, and then preach from platforms so far removed from the Gipper. Anyway, this led to this image of the poor, tired elephant waiting to be seen by all of those who would want to "doctor" the party.

Here's a pretty good editorial on the subject:

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bytehead said...

I was rooting for Barry for President at the time. Not that I really understood much of anything back then. o_O

And you ignored Dr. Paul. Not that you're not the only one that seems to be doing that from some of the press I've seen. :)

I might suggest Dentistry and defanging for him.