Friday, November 16, 2007

Squeezin' one more in...

Sometimes I'll get an idea, even after I've filled my weekly quota. When that happens, I usually just wait and ink it on Monday. This one couldn't wait.

We're saving so many soldiers from physical injuries in Iraq, but help for the mental injuries that they bring home with them (post-traumatic stress disorders), seems to be lacking. Many combat veterans are said to skip therapy because it doesn't fit the tough guy persona, or because they think they can deal with it on their own, and that's a shame. These types of injuries more times than not, end up manifesting themselves in alcoholism and abuse. We should be helping these soldiers get through their trauma. They served and went through this so we wouldn't have to.
Military mental health professionals should be number one on our government's hiring list. We cleaned up our bedside treatment of these men and women at Walter Reed Medical Center, now let's make sure that they all get the therapeutic help they deserve to re acclimate themselves to civilian life. Sorry about the sermon, but I feel strongly about this.

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