Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Twist of fate

As luck might have it, because I was soooo busy last week, I'm getting my syndicated cartoons done early this week (BTW, I promise in the next couple of days I'll post that project I was working on - it's pretty cool).

Here's the first one, which has been sitting on my desk for nearly three weeks waiting to be inked. Right after she started mincing words on the immigrant driver's license issue, I got this idea.


And the second one (hot off the drawing board) which hit me like a laser as I was dragging my tired ass out of bed this morning. We've had a couple outbreaks of this MRSA stuff at the High Schools around here, so the staff has taken to disinfecting everything once a week. I was reading an article about how bugs have now become resistant to just about all of our antibiotics, and because many doctors have taken the easy way out and over-prescribed antibiotics, the bugs have learned how to beat said antibiotics almost as fast as new ones are developed - scary stuff.

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