Friday, April 30, 2010

More life sketching in the Moleskine

Here are a few sketches from this past week. I haven't made it out to any figure drawing sessions lately, so these where drawn just sittin' around the Starbucks and the Barnes & Noble. I think people sit much longer at B & N, because ALOT of people are actually using it as a library. You'll see someone sit for an hour and read an entire magazine, or stay for three hours and finish a book. I'm becoming much more interested in observing these people lately; their little quirks, facial expressions, body language. I also enjoy the variety of people that you see at these venues - all walks of life - all ethnicity's, genders, cross-genders, old, young, boring, sexy. Whatever. I want to throw it all in there. There's something about drawing people in their natural environment, that has inspired me to do some larger, more finished pieces based upon everyday genre scenes. Stay tooned for that & have a great weekend.

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