Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching up

This has been a week of catching up. Both with old friends, new friends, my cartoons, and my artwork. First things first. Last week I got a call from my best friend from college. We hadn't spoken, emailed, or seen each other in 8 years (I know, I suck). Anyway, he was coming back to America (from China) to visit his family in Lakeland for a week, so we drove down to spend the night. It was really great seeing him again. He is a very popular artist in Beijing right now. He's also doing the kind of work that he always dreamed of: very conceptual, very large, and quite interesting. You know you have a good friend when after 8 years you take up the same conversation you were having before, and it's like no time has passed.

Right before we left for Lakeland, I also found out that I had won another Florida Press Award for my editorial cartoons. Our paper did very well this year, pulling in a total of nine awards. Congrats to all!

I haven't had much time to spend on my latest series of paintings, but I hope to get back to that full time over the weekend.

Finally, here's a cartoon that I did at the start of the week, and forgot to post. I'm sure that Tony Hayward was quite thrilled that he didn't have to steer his yacht through oil smeared waters off the coast of England.
Today, it's another cartoon, lunch with my Bro, and some much needed time with my oil paints & canvas. Let me hear from you, and have a great day!

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