Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday night coffee & sketch fix

We sketched at Starbucks last night until 9:00pm, and actually closed the place. Great conversations though with Dat and Henry. This woman was wearing scrubs, so I assume she was a nurse waiting on her shift. She watched the entire movie Miss Congeniality on her laptop, so she didn't move too much. My wife says this drawing looks more deliberate than other recent sketches. Don't know what that means, but I'll take it. Anyway, today it's stretching canvas, more painting, and a late meeting. Stay in touch!



BirdBrain said...

I agree with your wife. I immediately noticed a different, more refined, quality to this "sketch."

Good work, as usual!!

Dave David said...

I love your sketches and the way you compose them on the pages!
Great stuff!