Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's on the iphone

Dr. Sketchy sessions have become difficult for me due to the smoke in the bars. It seems like every time I go I get sick from breathing the second-hand smoke. Last night I decided to brave it, just to say hello to my fellow Jacksonville artists. "I'll just pop in for one beer, wish everyone happy holidays, and be on my way." Yeah right. I couldn't do it. The poses, stage set up and company were too good. With no sketchbook in hand I planted myself behind the stage and sketched on my iphone with Sketchbook Pro Mobile. These are rough and gestural as the iphone (and ipad) have no touch sensitivity yet, but I still enjoyed doing them. Thanks to the Dr. Sketchy crew for another enjoyable evening. Now I need to go gargle and drink some OJ.

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