Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday Night Figure Sketch

We met up at Dat's studio last night for our Monday evening figure drawing session. Good times with fellow artists. It was great seeing everyone, and great getting back to the figure. I'll post the 5 minute gesture first and then the longer 30 & 45 minute poses I did in my Moleskine.

As usual, I got a little bored with just the straight figure. So, about half way through, I decided to draw people drawing people again.

We finished up with a 15 minute pose that got stretched to about 30. I think I like this one the most. Pressed for time, I wasn't thinking too much, just drawing, and I think for that reason, there's more life in it. Awesome pose too! Thanks to Dat for continuing to put this on, and get cool models. We're talking about another "themed" session for the next one, so stay tooned for that.



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Cosmin Podar said...

you kill me with your sketches :) really awesome