Friday, February 4, 2011

Cartoons, News and Notes

Here's this week's cartoons. The first one has been picked up by the Florida Audubon society for their website and newsletter. I'm pretty stoked about that. The second one deals with the continued Gerrymandering of our great State. They think a website is gonna help - they're sadly mistaken.

In other news, I was interviewed this week by the AIGA for their Membership Spotlight piece. It's a new feature on the AIGA website focusing on working artists and graphic designers here in Jacksonville. Here's the link: Many thanks to the gang over at AIGA. (esp. Jim, Steph & Varick)

Also, starting this week, me and the missus will be shifting our figure drawing emphasis back to our traditional Sunday morning sketch class. This will allow us to draw together, and reconnect with some of our buddies over at FSCJ. So look for figure drawing posts on Monday mornings instead of Tuesday mornings. (Can't wait to see Vinnie again!)
Have a GREAT weekend - I'm goin' to get me some BBQ! Go Pack!

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