Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's syndicate cartoon & more!

Just back from attending the Morning Leak with the good folks @ AIGA Jacksonville. Great crowd and presentations this morning, and it was cool talking with some of my AIGA buds. Anyway, here's this week's cartoon for The Ponte Vedra Recorder. They ran a story last week about a Ponte Vedra couple whose Cairo vacation was cut short by the unrest in Egypt. I was also able to use this one for my syndicate (suh-weet!). BTW, we've got our weekly sketchup tonight at the Starbucks in Lakewood (5:30 - close). Lots in the works this week, including nailing down a name for this event, a possible logo (Jim?) and work on a Facebook page. Stay tooned!



Stephanie said...

Woww you weren't kidding about the complexity of a crowd scene! It looks great. Love the take on history in the making-- in a historical place.

Jeff Parker said...

I call these time-chewing drawfests, "WWITs"... What Was I Thinking?

Primo work, Ed.