Wednesday, February 3, 2010


One of my first cars was a 1971 Toyota Corona. I drove it all through college, and after graduation sold it to a girl who delivered pizzas in it for another 3 years while she finished High School. The last time I saw it (around 2001) it was still going strong. You couldn't kill this thing, and it was one sweet ride. I restored it to "like new" condition in 1983 while I was still in college. In the afternoons I would crawl under it and drop various parts out and replace them - with ease. No computers to fart with. Everything was right there in front of you - as it should be. You could take the fuel pump apart, clean it and put it back together working better than it had been before. I loved this car so much, I haven't bought anything but Toyotas ever since.
So, if you'd asked me six months ago what my next automobile would be, I wouldn't have even hesitated. Now I'm not quite sure.

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