Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday Night Sketch

I attended a short figure drawing sketch class last night at The Art Coop downtown. Turnout was a little, uh, slim. Only 5 people were drawing. The model didn't show either, so the organizer posed for us (she's done that before BTW, and she always keeps her Bridgette Jones drawers on). Anyway, I wanted to use an unforgiving media in preparation for tonight's Dr. Sketchy's, so I chose markers. Tombow markers are water based, so you can smear them a little, but once you put down a mark, it's pretty much there. The theme tonight from what I can gather is Noir, so I've been practicing with heavy shadows and graphic, sharp, pointy planes across the figures. Can't wait for tonight; it's soo much fun. I'll post those results in the morning. I'm also judging a local art show tomorrow afternoon. Busy, busy.
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