Sunday, July 29, 2007

And even MORE sketching

I think I'm gonna start posting more sketches on my blog. Here's a sketch I did this weekend of two guys fighting. It occurred to me that I could use this for a myriad of subjects ranging from Congressional tussles, to in-fighting within the Republican party, to local politicians who fight on a regular basis. I may use it, I may not, I just thought it was an interesting doodle.

A few cartoonists, who I really respect, have mentioned to me that they enjoy the spontaneity of my sketches as opposed to the "tight" quality of my finished cartoons. I'd love to have more of that immediacy in my final drawings. Maybe by posting these, and getting some feedback, I can figure out a way to do that.

On another related note:

I think I'm really starting to get something out of this blogging thing. Even if I don't get responses to my posts, by describing my cartoons and some of my ideas online, it's helping me work through what I'm actually trying to say.


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