Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Michael Vick Cartoon

I usually won't do two cartoons on the same subject, but this idea was so interesting, I had to do it. Besides, it fulfills my syndicate quota for the week!
Here's the rough (it changed a little - always does):

And here's the finished cartoon. I think the color really adds to it.


Shaun Carey said...

Great cartoon! How true! Ponder the U.S. you are "innocent until proven guilty" but if you are in a position such as Vick's (high profile) you must be aware that much of the public has already heard enough to convict you. This is not fair, but it is the way it works! Athletes and celebrities must be aware that when they enter this field their lives are always on trial.

Ed Hall said...

Thanks Shaun.

I think the sheer number of dog pens on his property, the dog-fight training equipment, and the "staging area" constitutes a smoking gun. Looks like officials are also now looking for mass graves, were the "losers" would have been buried. It's all pretty grotesque if you ask me.

Here's an MSNBC story:

thanks for posting!


Anonymous said...

Excellent cartoon!

Personally, I'd be happy to see Vick spend 20 yrs behind bars, and hope to see him shanked by some other prisoner who's fond of dogs.

Excavation of the dog graves is pro forma, but not important to the case since there is apparently plenty of witness testimony & even video of Vick killing dogs. Having raised & rescued dogs for 30 years, I probably have more dogs buried here than Vick does, but after a couple of months, or less, there is little chance of determining cause of death because the soft tissue decomposes in soil very quickly.

If Vick ever plays for the NFL again I'll never watch football again, period. No league corrupt enough to allow the participation of human scum deserves support at all.

PETA's posturing B.S. was almost as disgusting as Vick's actions. PETA had nothing to do with the investigation or rescue of these dogs at all (I live about 30 miles from Vick). The only "rescue" groups involved were local animal shelters & dog wardens, but PETA is pretending to be involved and actively pimping for contributions because of it.