Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nailing Hillary

Stop it. Just stop it. I'm talking about drawing her caricature. You heathens!

Anyway, I've been working (again) on my Hillary caricature. I got a couple of negative comments on a cartoon I did over the weekend (too mean, too fat, too buckie-of-tooth) so I thought I'd re-examine her face with some sketches. It seems that without a body (see: pants suit/wide hips) it's really hard to get a good likeness of her. She has very subtle features in her face, and if you over emphasize them she can come off looking somewhat goulish. Of course, some would probably not mind that look on her, but I digress. I'll post these now and a couple more in the morning. I'll also post a pdf of the page her cartoon ran on this Saturday.



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