Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Second local cartoon of the week

All of these "big box" stores seem to want to squeeze into our small municipalities. It's the "Starbucks on every corner" syndrome. Anyway, for some reason, Wal-mart gave up their bid to build in Neptune Beach this week. After years of legal wrangling and tons of spit & vinegar, out of the blue they just said "later." Weird.

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Steven Pulley said...

We have the same issue with WalMart saying they were going to build a second store here in our county in South Carolina. They purchased the land and got all the proper permits and such. But still no store. Know what happened? The downturn in the Economy is so bad here that WalMart could not see building a much needed second store. So their property remains without anything being done to it. We have 105,000 people in Sumter County yet one very crowded WalMart store. And now a Home Depot, which was to start construction earlier this year, remains unbuilt. Stores which could generate sustaining business are not building here. The same can be said for new homes. But they are building new Hotels for people to LIVE in. Go figure.