Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spiked - baaaaahhhhhh...

Every once in a while, when the day is just a little too hot, I'll have a local cartoon spiked by an editor. Today was one such day. Luckily, I decided to send in the sketch before I inked it, so in reality, only the rough got spiked. But I loved the idea so much, I wanted to at least post it here. You'll probably have to click on it to read the larger version.


For some background, our local "big six" in govt. - sheriff, school board superintendent, county clerk, election supervisor, property appraiser, and tax collector are up for reelection in the upcoming primaries. Unfortunately, they are so entrenched that no one has the guts (or the money) to run against them. This sentence caught my eye from the story: "...the only issues a challenger could successfully mount, other than an incumbents complete incompetence, would deal with character or scandalous behavior..."

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