Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday sketchin'

We had our weekly sketch class yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. Here's a few of the better drawings I was able to produce. This model is excellent for drawing, as her center of gravity has a lot of weight (think classical Rubenesque style). Anyway, I'm still experimenting with the underlying skeletal form; trying to get the pose and the skeleton to match up. I've also got a couple of leads on buying myself a skeleton. That will allow me to practice during the week, and in my spare time scare the dickens out of my nieces and nephews. Tee hee. Enjoy, and let me hear from you, you big bunch of anonymous blog trollers!

The first four drawings are the 3 minute warm-up gestures. I dropped a background color onto the one that shows both the gesture pose and the corresponding skeleton in the same drawing. These warm-ups are great for easing into the longer poses. You get to limber up, get some charcoal on your hands, and get your mind focused (or out of focus, depending).

Finally, we finished up with a couple of 1/2 hour, and (1) one hour pose. Here's the 1/2 hour poses:

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