Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A&B - on the easel

Over the next couple of week's I'm going to document the progression of an Astral Beam painting I'm working on. I'll be painting (real, physical, wet-paint painting) and then dragging a photo into Photoshop, working that up, and then going back to the easel to start the process all over again -until finished. Here's stage 1 - mainly just charcoal, gesso and a little gouache. I need more gouache. Astral's figure was taken from a gesture drawing I did on Sunday. I liked the pose so much I decided to use it. I like the fact that he's looking off-canvas at something we don't see and she doesn't suspect. We'll see how that develops. Comments welcome.
PS - I've got drawing class tonight. Hopefully I'll have some good stuff to show in the morning. Cheers.

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