Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sketchin' at the Starbucks

My weekly sketch/brainstorm session with Henry was last night, followed by a trip to the Starlite Lounge to watch one of our friends drumming in his new band. All fun. No worries. I'll post what Henry and I came up with. There was a girl working on her computer behind us and I sketched her until she caught me. This is a mock up of page 4 - we made some changes.Most of this A/B stuff won't make much sense out of context, but suffice it to say, this was as much for my brain pan as it was for the drawings we produced. More to come soon with Astral and Beam. We're still getting the kinks worked out, but I feel like mentally I made some strides yesterday. Stay tooned.


PS - someone mentioned to me that they would love to be a fly on the wall while we're sketching this stuff, so I'm including a couple of real time photos of our Starbuck's work table.

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