Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday night drawing class

I had one of those "epiphany moments" in drawing class last night, where I just decided not to care so much. I know that on the surface that sounds kind of counter-productive, but in reality, it actually helped to free up my hand. Here's what I came up with , in no particular order. For the last drawing, I had started class by putting down some random marks & washes on paper, so I decided to use one of those to "pull" the figure out of. I used more washes on top, some masking tape, pencil and ink to try and "find" the figure.
Comments welcome. -Ed


lordmarcus said...

I really enjoy the energy in your hatching especially when coupled with those subtle washes.

Ed Hall said...

Thanks Marc. I'm trying something a little different with my life drawings recently; working smaller, and a little tighter. Using those washes, and "finding" the pose/figure within random marks also intrigues me.