Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sketchin' A&B at the Starbucks

It's been a while since I've posted anything on Astral and Beam. What with travel, missed meetings (oops, sorry Henry) and other summer obligations, Henry and I weren't really able to get as much done with it as we'd hoped. Well, yesterday was different. We got a lot of sketching done, and formulated some really great ideas for these characters and their adventures. I'm going to post everything we came up with. Some of it might make sense, and some might not, but suffice it to say, as soon as I can get the new blog up and running, we'll have some finished Astral & Beam pages to post. These are mainly roughs; just us drawing, free associating, and thinking out loud.

There was actually a page one that was somewhat finished at one point. I should probably post that here as well even though I found it a bit awkward, and not quite the drawing style I was going for. I just chalk that up to it being the first page. We had to get it out of the way first, so we could progress with the rest of the story.

This is the inked first page:

And here is the finished page with color:

.......................At any rate, I think we all are on the same page now (writer, penciller, and inker). We'll see; we're trying not to take this too seriously for now - just having fun. Stay tooned!



PS - Ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism welcome!


Anonymous said...

Legal os desenhos.

Laurghita said...

Maybe cut down some "dull" 's, to many for one page...

Ed Hall said...

"Dull's" Wow, that's a good point. I didn't write this page, and hadn't even noticed how many times they used the word "dull" until I re-read it again. I'll triple proof-read the next page for sure. Thanks Laurghita!