Friday, August 7, 2009

Ebay auctions close on Sunday!

Be sure to stop by my listings at Ebay if you'd like to own an Ed Hall original! 4 drawings sold to date, and all customers were VERY satisfied. Click the widgets in the right hand column of this blog or go here or here.

This ink wash drawing of Savannah looks to be a popular listing.

Thanks for bidding, and happy weekend!



Brian Gray said...

you defenitly convinced me to start putting some smaller work back up on ebay. i forgot how much fun it is. I even tried out the widget and hit up some fans on myspace with it. I really dig the ebay widget thing...really cool. Good luck with your ebay bids!!! Ive been checking them out and really need to get a sketch from ya. You thinking about doing any Astral and Beam stuff on ebay???? That would rock! Later-B.Gray

Ed Hall said...

Thanks Brian. Yes. I'll probably eventually be selling some A&B process drawings (like the one I did this week). It's funny you should ask too, because I'm actually working on a brand new finished one today. Stay tooned!