Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday Night Sketch Class

We had our weekly sketch class last night, and as usual, Tuesday night was a quirky night. First, I got locked out, and was wondering if anyone was going to show up to let me in; and then, we got off to a fast paced start - it took me a couple of drawings to get into the groove. Also, the lighting was bad - not on the model - on my paper. I was basically drawing in the dark. I'm gonna have to get me one of those portable clip lights for my drawing pad. Anyway, once I got the kinks knocked out, I think I got a few decent drawings done.Here they are ~ 3 minute gestures first, and then the 20 minute poses. We finished up with a long 40 minute pose. I've posted that one first. I like drawing this model. A couple of people in the class have commented negatively on her weight, to which I retorted - "You're crazy! She's the classic nude!" Nice center of gravity, curves, and most definitely Reubenesque.



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