Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A local cartoon

I haven't posted many local issue cartoons lately, but this one may cause some trouble, so I'm gonna slap it up here. It's too bad that this guy isn't as familiar with County code as he is with his guns. He thought that he could just start up a firing range on his property and no one would notice? Or care?
On a totally different subject: we cartoonists are very weird about the pens we use. When we find one that we like, we guard it's identity like it was our social security number. You'd think we'd stumbled upon the KFC recipe or something when we find a good one. Well I found a good one last week, and no, I'm not going to tell you the brand. I inked this cartoon with it - just ONE pen for the blacks, cross-hatching, everything.
I've got one more national issue cartoon to do for the week, and then I'm done. I just finished a big project for a major publication, so I'm kinda set back a day. More on that next week.

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