Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A couple of locals I missed posting

Here are a couple of cartoons I failed to post last week. Doh! Sorry. The first one deals with a situation we had here last week, where a 17 year old girl was thought to have been lured into a liaison with an older guy over the internet. Strange thing is, turns out the girl was also sending him photos of herself and now she may be arrested and charged as an adult. What is this world coming to? AND who's raising these kids? Here's the story. The cartoon still worked as a general warning about online predators, so we ran with it.

This second one is for this week's paper, and references an editorial my publisher wrote last week about ego-maniacal County and Circuit Court judges here in Florida. They think that they can run roughshod over County facilities and that they can dictate how the space in the courthouses can and should be used. Read that editorial here.

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