Friday, October 30, 2009

Mo' Manga

Here are a few Manga studies that I worked on last night. These exercises are from a book entitled "Erotic Manga." It's a great reference book for understanding the process behind building a stylized figure in the Manga genre. I think I've followed just about every chapter project by now, but I'm still intrigued. If you look closely you can see that I sketched the wire frame structure of the figures first in a blue lead pencil, then I built up the contour with a red lead, and finally finished off the details with a standard HB graphite. We've got "life" drawing class on Sunday, so look for the results of that next week. Also, as a reminder, I've got a life drawing up for auction on Ebay until Sunday. Click here to see that.
Happy Weekend!



Very nice work...
Like the volumes..


edbot5000 said...

Sexy time!