Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday sketch results - minus one

We had our weekly figure sketch class yesterday. I decided to try out a new material called Pronto Plate. It's really just a polyester/vinyl-type paper (like vellum - only more expensive) used in the printmaking realm. You draw on it with a cheap Bic pen and (hopefully) the end result looks like a lithograph. Not sure of the specifics on how it works exactly. Not showing that drawing here because I left it with my buddy Vinnie, to see how a run of prints will come out. Stay tooned for that. I also did a couple of traditional drawings, one of which I went back into with Photoshop this morning. I'll post the original drawing and the Photoshop enhanced version. Also a few gestures done with watercolor pencils. Had some success with my Ebay auctions this weekend. Sold 2 out of 3 drawings, so I was pretty happy with that. Have a great week, and let me hear from you.



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lordmarcus said...

Some great sketches Ed!