Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday Sketch

We had our weekly figure sketch get-together yesterday. Here are the results (a little late - we've had overcast skies again today). I used marker for my gesture drawings this time around. Don't know why, just wanted to try something different. I started with an burnt umber colored marker, and finished them off with a black sharpie.
I also took one of the quick drawings (10 minutes) and turned it into a Manga sketch.
I like the pose so much, I'll probably work this up into something a little more finished - maybe a Manga super heroine or something - stay tooned. I'll post those together so you can see where I changed the position of the head.

This drawing is probably my favorite from the day. I like the pensive quality of the model with her head resting on her knee. I've been reading in my new figure drawing book about how you should try to realize the "story" of each drawing. The model had commented how she had been moving to a new house for the last couple of days and was tired. I didn't really have to work too hard to make her look tired and tell that story. She was tired - you could tell by her body language. Here's another "sleepy time" sketch.
For the last pose I wanted to try something really different for POV so I stood at the top of a ladder and drew as I looked pretty much straight down on the figure. It's interesting how this POV makes the model feel much more vulnerable vs. when I draw her while seated on the floor where she looks very triumphant and powerful. Let me hear from you!

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lordmarcus said...

That last pose is great Ed! Like you said its interesting how much the point of view changes the feel of the drawing.