Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Doctor is in!

We had our monthly Dr. Sketchy session here in Jacksonville last night, and as usual Chris and the girls put on a GREAT show. The theme was the 70's, and the model wore giant sunglasses, sported tube socks, & had vintage records, turntables, headphones etc. as props. It was pretty cool, albeit a little cramped (and smokey) in the Lomax Lodge. We sat on the floor, so most of these drawings are "worm's-eye" view.

There was a pretty good turnout too considering no one really knew where or when it was going to be held until the last minute. I worked both on loose sheets and in my Moleskine.

Dr. Sketchy's is a very fast paced drawing session. Most poses at the beginning only last about 3-5 minutes. Thankfully they usually finish up with a couple of 20 minute poses. Dat and Henry were there, and they both won prizes.
In another interesting twist, the model sported some smiley face pasties (cute). I've got one more of these to tweak and post later today or tomorrow. Stay tooned for that. I'll be looking forward to next month's event (location to be determined).

OK, enough distraction, time to start cartooning again!



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