Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here's a few more pages from my most recent Moleskine. This one's almost full, so it looks like I'll be ordering soon. There's a good mix in here from Starbucks, figure drawing class, this weekend's animation festival, etc. I think I'm going to take the first one and turn it into a large painting with life-sized figures. I'm kinda intrigued by the subject matter and the mood I was able to evoke in that sketch. Technically I really like the way the figures "spill" across the page in this next one.

And, for this last one I added a little color with my new Pentel Watercolor brushes. Look for a review of these in an upcoming post. Three more cartoons to do for the week, and possibly a Dr. Sketchy's session (if I can find out when & where it's gonna be held). Stay tooned.



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