Sunday, April 25, 2010

Henry, Dat, a retirement seminar & a major headache

I skipped figure drawing today, so I'm just gonna post out of the Moleskine. This first page shows a couple o' sketches of my homies hangin' at the Starbucks last week. That's Henry on the left and Dat on the right. This second drawing is from a retirement seminar we attended on Saturday. These people were very intent upon figuring out the best place to put all of their money. On a very separate note, McAfee trashed one of my Windows XP systems on Wednesday; forcing me into a 4 day tech support/telephone/spiral & loss of productivity. I finally have it back up and running, but it goes without saying that I'm not happy with my virus software of choice. Said software is supposed to keep your system "clean" - not go into your system32 directory and delete a critical system file. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the last update of McAfee did. They won't admit to it, but my theory is that a disgruntled employee left a little "gift" before he/she left. In my case (and many others) automatic update equalled automatic sh*t storm. Here's hoping for a better week! Cheers, Ed

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