Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Appeasing the niece

One of the great things about being a cartoonist and having nieces and nephews is that they almost always love what you draw. But one of mine is VERY particular about what she has me draw. Can you guess what it is? It usually goes something like this: "Uncle will you draw me a monkey?" - "Sure, but wouldn't you rather me draw a princess, or a pony for you?" - "Uncle, don't be silly (although she's recently begun to use the word ridiculous)..." - "You're sure you wouldn't rather me draw you a doggie, or a kitty?" - "No Uncle, monkeys, just monkeys..."

And for those in the know, "Boots" will also work in a pinch. That's Dora The Explorer's monkey buddy.
This was a quick little 10 minute sketch that I (and she) liked so much I decided to work back into it in Photoshop. I've probably done 10 - 20 monkeys for her in her short three years and I'm pretty sure that she could probably find them on the internet, and that's just plain scary.

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Anonymous said...

Love the "drawing tales" between you and Bellie! What fun she has with her own personal artist! Hugs, El