Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lotsa Local Stuff

I've done quite a few local topic cartoons this week. Here's a couple of my favorites. The first one was inspired by a quote from visiting executive director of The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, Philip Mangano.

Quote: "The long misery of homelessness" in part can be traced back several decades to when institutions began to release patients on the understanding there would be places for them to live in the community. New medications were to be available to them, and community support services were to be in place.
That three-legged stool ended up having only two legs since the needed community support services were not delivered."

That image was just too good to pass up. Here's the cartoon.

This second cartoon was a combination of two stories that are running concurrently at our area beaches. The first deals with the new rules on feeding wild pelicans. Seems they have become accustomed to human contact and that's not good. The second deals with the sleepy little shrimping town of Mayport, in which the residents are being elbowed out in favor of gleaming new condos and giant cruise ships. They could probably use a little more human contact (i.e. govt.) but they ain't gonna get it, and that's not good.
If it looks like my drawing style is changing a bit, it probably is. I don't waste much time with sketches in my sketchbooks anymore. Everything is straight to the Wacom tablet and created digitally now. The trick has been to make it LOOK like it was drawn with pen and paper. How'm I doing?

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