Saturday, August 23, 2008

Storm sketches

Well, the power went out for a couple of hours during Tropical Storm Fay, and instead of sitting on the couch staring at a blank TV screen, I decided to sketch. It also took my mind off of the 50mph+ winds whipping around outside.
As an aside, I'm gonna stand behind my pre-Fay cartoon (see August 20 - Sky Is Falling post). I STILL think the local media tries to whip us all into a lather, and I hate it.

Anyway, I just started drawing the first things that popped into my head. Just random doodles of various characters, martian women, and super hero stances. They're probably only interesting to me, but I thought I'd post 'em anyway. I went back into a few of them in Photoshop to add some color & punch. I always wondered why "The Hulk" wasn't red, so I decided to see how that would look.

We've got figure drawing class on Sunday with another one of my favorite models, so look for a post from that on Monday. Happy Weekend!


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Craig Zablo said...

Love the sketches... the Batman head is funny. You are so right about the media. They want us to tune in and stay tuned so they have to make everything bigger and more dangerous. Bah!