Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday's Figure Drawings

We had a GREAT drawing class yesterday. It's been about 2 1/2 weeks since we were able to draw from the figure, so it was good to get back. Also, it was our favorite model, so that helped. We started out with 30 second gestures, moved to 3 minute poses, graduated to 25 minute drawings, and finished with (1) long seated pose (I drew the skeleton that floats around the classroom as a warm up to get the figurative proportions of head/chest/hips in my mind before starting in on the figure).

I decided to work back into one of these a bit in Photoshop with the dodge and burn tools. This was an interesting experiment, and I may do some more of this in the future.

Looks like these are all clickable this time, so click away for a larger view!

And, for those of you peeking in on this blog, be sure to tell your friends about me, and leave a quick note if you are so inclined. I look forward to hearing from you. Sometimes when I get little to no response here, I wonder if I'm wasting my time. -Ed

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