Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Sketch Class

Well, we made it through the storms without any major damage to ourselves or our home, and Sunday actually turned out to be a really sunny day. We had our regularly scheduled sketch class with one of our favorite models. This model is quite shapely, with a classic Rubenesque figure. This makes seeing the structure a little more difficult and challenging, but when it comes to drawing, a challenge is what I always like. I'm beginning to use more compressed charcoal now for the various skin tones; pushing the values, and trying to show the figure more within it's value space.

As usual, we started with several quick gesture drawings, moved into a few 25 minute poses, and finished with a long 45 minute reclining pose. Now that I've posted these, I think my favorite is the reclining pose. It's very difficult to get the tone of dark skin with charcoal, but I think I may have nailed it in this drawing. All in all, a good day of drawing. Enjoy, and let me hear from you! Cheers - Ed

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