Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Editorial Cartoons

I'm gonna post a bunch of cartoons here in a batch. Seeing as I haven't posted any in a couple of days, it's about time.

This first one is about those little fake tiny rose vases that are sold in most popular convenience stores. Let's just call them what they are - crack pipes. They are sold under the auspices of "decorative flower containers," but they are crack pipes. A guy in Macclenny was actually caught selling a "crack kit" which consisted of this flower vase, a small steel wool (that's the filter) and a lighter. The kit costs 5 bucks, and the guy said he was selling them because everyone else was. The tip off for "sell me a crack kit" was a rolled up five dollar bill, for which the store clerk would hand the customer a neat little brown bag with all the contents inside.

This second cartoon was done for my syndicate, and I got this idea after watching the congress grill the big 3 automakers. It speaks for itself.

Finally, I'm getting a little tired of listening to over-paid school board administrators tell how if they "don't get some help soon" they're going to have to eliminate a school day. Uh huh. Maybe they should take a hint from some of these fat cat bankers and insurance executives and give up their bonuses for a year. Let some of that cash trickle back into the school budget. Right, like that's gonna happen. Is it Monday? Feels like a Monday - I'm a little more snarky than usual.


Anonymous said...

To how many papers did you sell your administrator cartoon?

Ed Hall said...

Dearest "Anonymous,"

To answer your question, my "administrator" cartoon was sold to ONE newspaper. But, it also went out to my syndicate, so I can't be sure as to how many other newspapers across the US have picked it up. A bunch I hope!