Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama sketch - Obama caricatures

I sketched Barack Obama while he was being interviewed on 60 Minutes last night. I'm really happy that the best guy for the job also happens to be pretty damned fun to draw. He's got a great smile that is punctuated by strong cheek muscles and an ice cream cone shaped head (and, of course, you can't forget the ears - love the ears - he probably shouldn't have told us cartoonists that they are what he's most self-conscious about). All good stuff for a caricaturist. Anyway, I did a straight sketch first, and then tried to simplify the features to work up a quicker caricature that I can use in my cartoons.

Here's the sketch.

And, here's the caricatures. I think I like the bottom right one the best. A few of my cartooning colleagues have said that they think Barack is going to be difficult to caricature. I must respectfully disagree - he's the bomb.
Look for me to post some of my Sunday figure drawings by the end of the day.

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Craig Zablo said...

Yeah, they're all good, but the bottom right is the winnah!