Friday, February 20, 2009

Final syndicate cartoon of the week

Canadians are not too keen on having troops in Afghanistan, and even a visit from Obamapalooza ain't gonna change their minds. Seems they're a little sick of sacrificing for our troubles. Can't say as I blame them. Afghanistan is a quagmire. The Russians found that out the hard way, and with an additional 17,000 US troops headed that way, I fear we may suffer the same fate.
Now Pakistan has decided that it's gonna "give up" a section of their Northwestern territories to the Taliban, while the Madrassas continue to churn out hate towards the US and her allies. I don't know what the answer is, but it seems our very presence fans the flames. Afghanistan is already being called Obama's Vietnam; I REALLY hope that doesn't come to pass. At some point (like in Iraq) we've got to get the hell out, and leave the region to it's own demise or progress. We've spent enough in money and in lives. (OK, now I 'll slowly step down off my soapbox and slide it back under my desk - continue what you were doing).
Happy Weekend!

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