Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Papa's got a brand new gig...

Well, in the ever changing and surreal world of modern journalism, and after having lost (4) newspapers in December, I get a call last week from another paper out at the Beach that is interested in using me as their weekly cartoonist! Go figure. (4) steps backwards and (1) forward, but, hey, I ain't complainin' - it's work. To make things really interesting the first cartoon was an obituary for an editor who had just passed away the day before. And the deadline was OVERNIGHT! I did it, and I'm pretty happy with it. I almost never do obit toons, but this one I can deal with. It's simple and tasteful. Evidently this lady was well loved by the community, so that made my job a little easier. Here's that cartoon.
My second cartoon was done today for Thursday's paper, and in some ways it is fitting that it deals with the ongoing problem of funding education in the State of Florida. That's the same topic that got me canned in the same County in December. I just hope that the Superintendent sees it. The guy has like zero sense of humor, and definitely hasn't read the first amendment. Here's that one. I'm lucky that this new editor actually knows what an editorial cartoon is supposed to do. Let's just see how he responds when the calls start coming in.

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