Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Solid local toon (after a slight edit)

Every once in a while, all the stars align, and I feel like I've nailed a really good local issue cartoon. For some background, here's the story, but the gist is that a group of local ministers has managed to coerce the city commission into NOT allowing sales of alcohol on Sundays. This is an outdated mode of thinking which would affect local eateries and (in my opinion) discourage new business from coming to Baker County.

Here's the rough. It's pretty rough:

Funny story about this rough - I had already sketched it, and then woke up in the middle of the night and decided to add the phrase "G"men in the upper left corner. I thought that it was a clever play on the whole "Govt." man, prohibition dude thing; only here it would stand for men of "God." BUT, when you hear the sound of crickets upon your editors first reading it's time to drop back and punt. Turns out the cartoon is much more succinct without that phrase. Here's the final version. Edited for your better understanding. Remember - "When in doubt...take it out..."

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