Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sometimes they ink themselves

It's a funny profession - cartooning. There are days when getting an idea is literally like pulling teeth. Then there are other days (like today) when the cartoons come so fast and furious that they almost seem to do themselves. A weird kind of karma comes over you, and you feel like the idea is just passing through you. It's kinda neat actually. I like days like this.

This cartoon is based upon a lawsuit being filed by three young girls against the St. Johns County Sheriff's Dept. (and the Sheriff). Seems that these three underage girls were strip searched for possession of alcohol. Now I'm not sure how having a wine cooler in your purse warrants a strip search, but the Sheriff's Department was going to make damn sure they weren't hiding any more booze anywhere else. This Sheriff already hates me, so this will just add to that. Seems he was in a bad accident a couple of years back and wasn't wearing his seat belt. He mysteriously received no ticket for that, and I use every opportunity to remind him of that fact. Now I'm gonna have to make double sure I don't speed when I drive down to St. Augustine.
Tell the world my story.

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