Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Warm Northern Breezes

Here they come. January 29th. Get ready for the blather.


I haven't posted many roughs lately, so I'll show ya the one for this cartoon. Not much difference here. When the idea is this immediate, I find that I rarely vary from the original sketch.

Well, now that I look at it, I see that I did if fact change some stuff. I wanted you to really "feel" the wind, so I bent the trees, made the sail boat's sails "full of wind" (LOL), and as a kind of afterthought, I decided to bend some of the type into italics and the speech bubble as well, to make them look like they were distressed from the breeze (my favorite part of this cartoon). I thought this was kinda clever as visual experiments go...I see now that I should have probably done BOTH speech bubbles.

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